Speciality Products

Bridge loans

Buying a home while simultaneously selling one can be stressful. The bridge loan provides peace of mind by lending borrowers the equity in their current home to use as a down payment. Once their former residence sells, the bridge loan is paid off.   Applying for the bridge can help strengthen your offer by not requiring a contingency to sell your current home. In a seller’s market, this could make the difference for a seller deciding between multiple offers. Restrictions apply – contact us today for full details!

 Purchase plus a pool

Let’s face it, Texas weather is hot! Escaping the heat is easy with a pool in your back yard. No need to narrow your new home search to those with pools already installed. Our purchase plus a pool program allows borrowers to finance the installation of a pool into the purchase of a new home! Simply provide your contract with a reputable pool company and let us do the rest. Restrictions apply – contact us today for full details!

Jumbo Alternative

This program provides innovative solutions for borrowers seeking flexible underwriting guidelines.  With loan amounts up to $2 million dollars, features available include loan to values to 90%, debt to income ratios of 50% and interest only options.  Benefit from non-standard income documentation including restricted stock units, asset depletion and other solutions for self-employed borrowers. 

Homeowner’s Access 

 Designed to help borrowers achieve or re-establish homeownership, this program helps the credit challenged.  With allowances for mortgage lates with the past year or a housing / credit event greater than 24 months, combined with a debt to income ratio of 60%, qualified borrowers may be able to access financing not available through traditional programs. 

Fresh Start

A short sale, bankruptcy, foreclosure or deed in lieu in the past 24 months is no obstacle for the Fresh Start program.  Designed to help borrowers unable to receive traditional financing, this program makes home ownership a reality.


Allowing for unlimited financed properties and FICO scores as low as 620, qualified borrowers can enjoy loan amounts of up to $2 million. This is the ideal product to supplement traditional investment mortgages. 

Foreign National

This program offers qualified non-U.S. citizens visiting the country on business or vacation the ability to purchase as second home.  Fixed and Adjustable rate option combined with flexible guidelines, the Foreign National program makes home financing a breeze.  

Purchase plus improvements 

Finding the perfect home can be challenging - especially when homes need updates like new carpet and paint. Don’t allow cosmetic items to hold you back any longer! Our purchase plus improvements program takes the hassle out of updating your new home. Available with conventional loans, buyers can finance items like new carpet, paint, counter tops, fencing turning their new home into their dream home. Restrictions apply – contact us today for full details.

 FHA 203K streamline

Similar to the purchase plus improvements program, the FHA 203K streamline allows FHA buyers to update their new home by financing upgrades into the loan. Upgrades can include new flooring, new paint, purchase and installation of new appliance and even decks and patios! Restrictions apply – contact us today for full details.

 Cash Out Refinances

These loans are designed to allow homeowners to tap into the equity of their home and receive cash back at closing.   While there is no limitation for what the funds can be used for, borrowers often pay off credit cards, home updates, college tuition or even reinvest!   Restrictions apply – contact us today for full details!