30 Day Closing Guarantee*

Are you in the process of looking for your dream home?

Statistics indicate that preapproved buyers get their offers accepted twice as often as buyers without an approval.   Typically, at much better terms or even at a lower price than other offers!

Sellers prefer dealing with buyers that have their finances in place so they can close and use the funds to purchase their own new home.

When you are competing for a new home, the strength of your preapproval letter might be the difference in getting your offer accepted.

Home Team Mortgage Company can help you get the strongest pre-approval letter in the industry.

We don’t just issue an opinion. Our knowledgeable Loan Officers will gather all relevant financial documentation, pull your credit, and run your loan information through our automated underwriting engine to ensure you’re truly pre-approved.

And the best part? We guarantee a 30 day closing!

Have more questions? Get in touch with us and our loan officers will have the answers.

*30 Day Closing Guarantee starts from application date.